Treatment with full correction

Treatment with exclusive Vitamino Acid’s system that enhance hydration, texturing and mass replacement of the hair fiber.


Shampoo CC Cream

Deep cleans and prepares the hair to the benefits of treatment with exclusive Vitamino Acid’s Complex.

  • 500 ml | 16.91 fl oz

Treatment CC Cream

With the possibility of 3 different uses – moisturizer cream, conditioner and leave-on – brings 18 benefits to the hair making them visibly healthier.

  • 460 g | 16.23 oz



Power Dose 60s

Deep treatment with exclusive Vitamino’s Acid Complex to complete replacement of the mass and retexturing of the hair fiber in just 60 seconds.

  • 40 ml | 1.35 fl oz

Vitamino’s Acid Complex

Based on the amino acid composition of the CMC (cell membrane complex) of the hair, we selected 11 amino acids more 3 vitamins which act in synergy. The cationic microspheres used were developed through encapsulation technology represented by marine collagen and glycosaminoglycans coated with quaternized wheat protein, positively charged. How are encapsulated, act selectively, as each sphere will act in a meaningful way in the areas of higher porosity, avoiding unnecessary burden that can weigh hair or irritate the scalp.

Also know the Resistance Collection